Doing 75 in a 40 MPH Zone

May 5, 2022


It’s taken me 75 years to get to write this post. I’ve mentally crossed out a lot and reworded a lot during those 75 years. I’ve been surprised, even shocked, at some of what I’ve “written.” “I never would have done anything like that,” I’ve thought on more than one occasion, except of course I […]

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Our Political Climate, Explained

April 29, 2022


The political climate, like a baby created by the earth and most people’s weight, goes round and round and up and down. From the dawn of things, it seems doomed to cycles, but sometimes, it’s difficult to make sense of it all. It’s easier to simply not pay attention or to say things like “Everyone […]

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Coach Flies First Class

April 27, 2022


Life in the Boomer Lane has just returned from visiting her First Born and his Family in Seattle. While there, she contracted a nasty cold. She had the opportunity to fly first class when returning to DC and grabbed it. This would be her first time flying first class. When Group One was called to […]

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A Conversation Between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Bobert

April 11, 2022


Marjorie Taylor Greene’s cell phone rings. MTG grabs an AR-15 and answers the phone MTG: Fuck you if you are a child-predator-Socialist-Commie-mask wearing-Democrat. Anyone else, say your name and give me one reason why I shouldn’t shoot you right through this phone. LB: Marg, so glad to hear you strong and in defense of white […]

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When the Fabric is Damaged

April 4, 2022


I haven’t written about the Russian invasion of, and subsequent atrocities in, Ukraine. There is entirely too much out there, written by folks who are way more knowledgeable and way better writers than I. And I didn’t want to say anything that would have been said before. But now I am. My mother was born […]

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A Slap is A Punch is A Murder is An Invasion

March 29, 2022


Life in the Boomer Lane hopes she isn’t beating a dead horse. Dead horses have been beaten far too much lately. We know that we live in a violent world. We live in a world in which human life is valued only until it gets in the way of what someone wants. We watch the […]

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In Praise of the F Word

March 22, 2022


NPR had a great story this week. Life in the Boomer Lane won’t summarize it here. She will simply say that the father in the story never used curse words, until his son accidently shot him. He then made up for time in the next ten minutes. Science, that pesky little critter who people either […]

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Oligarch Fever

March 9, 2022


Because of recent activity on the part of the Russian government, many people are now hearing about the misfortunes of Russian oligarchs. We tend to associate the word “oligarch” with those very Russians. But the truth is that the oligarch species has been around for a long time and it has a rich cultural heritage. […]

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Duck, Duck, Go

March 4, 2022


Life in the Boomer Lane believed she was safe from being sucked into writing another post about the recently sprouted branch of the human tree who refer to themselves as Trumpers. She could then devote herself solely to Putin’s War Against Humanity and watching Season 2 of “Love Is Blind.” Not so. The New York […]

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Cloud Cuckoo Land

February 26, 2022


As the ongoing target of Trump’s affection continues to steamroll his way across Ukraine, Life in the Boomer Lane chooses to take this opportunity to discuss something other than politics or the giant cinderblock of climate change that is suspended over our heads. Instead, she will direct her attention to that age-old question, “Have you […]

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