Duck, Duck, Go

March 4, 2022


Life in the Boomer Lane believed she was safe from being sucked into writing another post about the recently sprouted branch of the human tree who refer to themselves as Trumpers. She could then devote herself solely to Putin’s War Against Humanity and watching Season 2 of “Love Is Blind.” Not so. The New York […]

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Cloud Cuckoo Land

February 26, 2022


As the ongoing target of Trump’s affection continues to steamroll his way across Ukraine, Life in the Boomer Lane chooses to take this opportunity to discuss something other than politics or the giant cinderblock of climate change that is suspended over our heads. Instead, she will direct her attention to that age-old question, “Have you […]

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Peter Thiel, A Man of the (Entitled)People

February 22, 2022


For those who seek to be on the vanguard of fashion trends, Life in the Boomer Lane would advise you to start searching online for cute, comfy jackboots. One recent indication, among countless, is that Peter Thiel, multi-billionaire head of the parent company of Facebook, as well as couture-uniformed cheerleader of Donald Trump, will step […]

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Got A Question For Ya, J

February 19, 2022


Many of us occasionally muse about which celeb we would like to have dinner with. Life in the Boomer Lane used to think a lot about having a pajama party with Oprah. Oprah would certainly wear cute pjs, and she does love snacks. She would also have a lot of inside dope about other celebs. […]

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What’s in A Name?

February 8, 2022


Life in the Boomer Lane had just finished writing a post this morning, when a surprising news nugget rose up, smacked her in the face, and left her reeling. She had to immediately dump what she had intended to post and post this instead: Mitt Romney, staunch Conservative of the esteemed state of Arizona, son […]

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Wordle Spelled Backwards is Liberal

January 22, 2022


For those Loyal Readers who have been living for the past few months in one of the illegitimate voting machines that created the fake presidency of Joe Biden, you may not be aware of a new obsession sweeping the country: Wordle. Unlike Covid 19, climate change, nuclear proliferation and the arrival of scary killer insects […]

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Covid Visits A Therapist

January 19, 2022


What brings you here today? I’m doubting myself. I’m supposed to be a Big Deal Pandemic. I did everything right. I came at a time when people were always travelling all over the planet. I snuck in easily from another country and took everyone by surprise. I kept changing, so everyone kept getting confused. I […]

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Death and Other Avoidable Things

January 5, 2022


Unlike taxes, the GOP, racial injustice and idiotic comments on neighborhood listservs, Death does appear to have a cure. Well, not actually a cure, but a possible delay. Death procrastinators can take heart that wills, farewells and the honoring of IOUs may be able to be put off indefinitely, if we play our cards right. […]

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2021 Was Certifiable

January 3, 2022


Life in the Boomer Lane fully intended to do a comical look at the major events of 2021. But, upon perusing the aforementioned major events, she realized that most of them had two completely different meanings. January 6 was either an insurrection manipulated by the President of the United States as a very illegal way […]

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Somebody Please Tell Me

December 18, 2021


Life in the Boomer Lane has been in a six-week whirlwind of travel, involving Brussels, Florida, and the homes of various humans who she gave birth to, as well as the humans they, in turn, gave birth to. Loyal Readers should not feel deprived of hearing about LBL’s travel horror anecdotes. LBL has already written […]