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The Saga of the Little Pink Panties

September 22, 2010


My nail lady, Tammy, who is now approaching 50, has finally officially entered the Universe of Perpetually Creative Brain Cells.   Several months ago, Tammy’s husband was cleaning their house and, in the guest bedroom, he came across a pair of lacy bikini panties under the bed.  They were pink, with little red hearts on them.  […]

Living in An Upside Down World

July 18, 2010


Thanks to the good folks who spend their time discovering obscure illnesses that nobody should ever know about, Life in the Boomer Lane now knows she has DEVELOPMENTAL TOPOGRAPHICAL DISORIENTATION or, it’s more roll-off-the-tongue name, TOPOGRAPHAGNOSIA. This dysfunction is manifested by a belief that when one is asleep, crews of people are out in DC, […]

Grandma Does London

June 15, 2010


Life in the Boomer Lane is in London to celebrate the first birthday of First Grandchild.  Like any besotted grandmother, she believes her grandchild walks on water (or he would, if he walked).  On her last trip to London, she tried to smuggle him through Customs between France and the UK.  She has decided not […]