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Laptop Cop

February 27, 2019


Last week, Life in the Boomer Lane hosted a neighborhood group whose goal is quite simple: dramatically change the world in as short a time as possible.  After the meeting was over and most people had gone, LBL noticed a swell-looking laptop that someone had left behind. She asked the group coordinator to put something […]


February 21, 2019


According to WordPress, Life in the Boomer Lane now has reached the 16,000 mark. Sixteen thousand followers. Or, to be exact, 16,047. But who is counting, right?  To put this into perspective, we shall look at the number 16000 and review its signifigance in history and in the world in general. The New York Times […]

I’m Losing It

May 21, 2010


Many people in their fifties and sixties spend a lot of time worrying what they will do with all the spare time they will have when they retire. One remedy for many of those people, and a remedy that is frequently employed, is to start losing things, so that their time will be spent trying […]