The Birthday Gathering

Posted on May 16, 2019


This week, Life in the Boomer Lane attended a birthday lunch held at the home of a close friend. Four other friends attended, all smart, accomplished women. The women gathered first in the living room, where appetizers and champagne were provided. Everyone toasted the Birthday Girl, then sat down to eat the appetizers. Shortly after that, one guest knocked over her champagne, which then caused another of the champagne glasses to fall over. Champaigne covered much of the table and part of the rug.

Six women leapt up to deal with the mess. The hostess cleaned up most of it.

After soggy apps, the six women gathered at the dining room table and enjoyed an excellent meal prepared by the hostess. At the end of the meal, one of the guests inadvertlantly knocked over her lovely, cut glass wine class, which careened into a ceramic bowl and shattered all over the table.

Six women leapt up in order to deal with the mess. The hostess did most of the work, including picking up the shards of glass that had sprayed all over the table.

Dessert was served. One of the guests headed toward the bathroom. Shortly after that, LBL realized she was going to be late for a hair appointment. She took her phone into the kitchen.  She was then vaguely aware that the hostess was running out to the hallway, and some kind of dramatic verbal exchange followed.

LBL returned to the table. Awhile later, the hostess returned as well, explaining that her dog had pooped on the floor.  She had cleaned it up. The guest had still not retturned.

After awhile everyone indicated that it was time for them to leave. Before they did, the guest who had been on her way to the bathroom some time ago appeared and asked the hostess for a pair of socks. The hostess left to get the socks. LBL turned to one of her friends, confused by what was going on. Her friend explained that said guest had apparantly stepped into the dog poop on her way to the bathroom. She had cleaned her shoes but now realized she needed new socks. LBL was left to try not to imagine hat had transpired.

All five women left. The hostess hugged each woman and told each one what an honor it was for her to have thrown this birthday lunch.  LBL got into her friend’s car and headed toward home. They agreed that it was fortunate that they had all left when they did, with only a minimal amount of damage done.

The hostess shut the front door and started to clean.  In addition to preparing the meal, she had cleaned up three messes. Her living room and dining room now smelled of alcoholic beverages. Her hallway smelled of dog poop. She had  lost several wine glasses and had gone throught most of a roll of paper towels.

All guests agreed that next year, they would celebrate LBL’s birthday in a restaurant.