Chiropractic Treatment for Chronic Pain

Posted on January 11, 2018


The following is a guest post from Stephen Roshy.
Back pain:
Chiropractic is incredible at eliminating back pain. There are plenty of clinical studies to back up this claim. If you are a person with a chronic back pain, even if you bend over and feel a sharp pain, then it is likely that it could be due to spinal misalignments. Spinal misalignments can cause muscles to tighten. Disc issues include bulging disk, herniated disk, other.  Whatever the issue, chiropractic care can help. Treatment works is by improving the motions of the joints. Motion in the joints will send a flood of nutrients into the area, helping you heal that area.
What can happen is your spine can shift out of alignment and can put a strain on your back causing back pain that can radiate all the way to your head and then causing headaches. Believe it or not, a simple chiropractic adjustment can bring immediate relief to your headaches. All that is required is a good adjustment of your spine to get things back into their natural order, helping you feel well once again.
Neck pain:
One of the things that can cause neck pain is poor posture. This can be caused by frontal slouching.   Most people cannot help control this on their own. However, a chiropractor can make adjustments by fixing misalignments and well as by prescribing certain types of exercises as well has therapy to restore that natural curvature of the spine, which relieves all the tension and stress in your neck and throughout the body.
Whether it is rheumatoid arthritis or osteo arthritis or any other type of joint pain. Often, what happens is that when bones are misaligned, joints can start to wear out.  It’s much like driving a car with one tire over-inflated and the other under-inflated. What happens is that one of the tires has to take much more stress than the other, and that makes the tire baring the most weight to ball and lose traction much faster than the tire that is over-inflated. Thus, a chiropractic treatment can restore balance in your joints – the way nature always intended it to be. So, a chiropractor can help you adjust all the misalignment in your body and increase the range of motion.
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