Posted on October 16, 2017


Last week, Life in the Boomer Lane’s blog, cleverly titled Life in the Boomer Lane,  hit 15,000 followers. In order to put this number into perspective, she hereby provides you with a handy reference guide as to how significant this number actually is:

15000: The number of military deferments given to Donald Trump during the Vietnam war.

15000: The number of times Hillary Clinton had to testify about her emails

15000: The number of vehicles waiting in line to enter the Whole Foods Market parking lot in Arlington, VA on a weekday after 5 PM.

15000: The number of years science has been set back recently

15000: The number of times LBL has had some kind of mishap at the airport.

15000: The number of times LBL has heard “No problem” from people, instead of “You’re welcome”

15000: The number of inches long Trump’s nose would be if he were Pinocchio

15000: The average lb gain and loss during most women’s lifetimes.

15000: The number of attendees at this year’s UFO festival in Roswell, NM

15000: The number of UFOs seen by Now Husband’s mother, from her condo balcony

15000 The number of departments LBL has to be transferred to in order to get to an actual customer service person who can help her

15000: Trump’s self-expressed IQ, until someone told him that the maximum IQ ever recorded was 228. He then revised his IQ down to 229.

15000: The number of calories in a fried mac n cheese at the Iowa State Fair

15000: The number of robocalls LBL gets each evening around dinner time

15000: The number of electoral college votes Trump claimed he got

15000: the weight in lbs of the Restoration Hardware catalog

15000: the number of attendees every three weeks at the Creation Museum, who see displays of cavemen running around with dinosaurs

15000: The number of reality shows now on TV

15000: the number of years it will take for the world to recover from this current administration

15000:  In the US, the average number of sexual partners in a lifetime is 7, except for  Louisiana at 15.7 and Utah at 2.6.  These numbers have nothing to do with 15000, but LBL has added them to reward you for reading this entire blog post.


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