The Political Punditry of Preschoolers

Posted on June 30, 2017



Life in the Boomer Lane has just returned from a week-long visit in Seattle with Older Son and his family.  She had no time to monitor current events while doing so, but it turns out that the fourteen-month-old and the just-turning-four-year-old supplied her with updates throughout the week.

latest GOP attempt at replacing Obamacare: taking pairs of adults’ worn but still serviceable shoes and repeatedly placing them into the recycling bin

Trump to reveal whether secret tapes exist:  impromptu pre-bedtime show starring a stuffed unicorn family

the future of Medicaid: preparing and serving meals consisting of twigs, leaves, soil, gravel, and air to assorted dolls

draining the swamp: taking items out of the compost bin and scattering them across the kitchen floor

presidential respect for women: taking a naked Moana doll and tossing her into a pile consisting of a stuffed dragon, old socks, and a large mechanical pig

Trump rally in Iowa: a four-year-old’s birthday party, with much more bluster and with much less credibility

foreign diplomacy: repeatedly bashing a Moana pinata to death, at said birthday party

ongoing march of climate change: baking in the sun for three hours at a neighborhood playground  (Readers Note: This is Seattle, not DC)

presidential Tweets: Nothing to say. Neither a fourteen-month-old nor a just-turning-four-year-old are capable of that degree of immaturity