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The Political Punditry of Preschoolers

June 30, 2017


  Life in the Boomer Lane has just returned from a week-long visit in Seattle with Older Son and his family.  She had no time to monitor current events while doing so, but it turns out that the fourteen-month-old and the just-turning-four-year-old supplied her with updates throughout the week. latest GOP attempt at replacing Obamacare: […]

Aunt Gert Goes into A Nursing Home

June 30, 2014


  Today, Life in the Boomer Lane and Now Husband moved her Aunt Gert from an assisted living facility in Pennsylvania to a nursing home in Northern Virginia. She invites anyone who cares, to join her in being outraged that a perfectly lucid (albeit heavily medicated and emotionally fragile) human being is forced to go […]

Americans Can’t Afford Health Care (Except for Me)

May 1, 2012


Blogging has resulted in my drawing people to me with interesting proposals.  Most of these involve an attempt to place various body parts into other body parts and would result in their incarceration if I took their offers seriously and notified the local constabulary.  But then there are the real folks who ask me to […]