My Life, Now Available on Kindle

Posted on May 23, 2016




At some point in the recent past, Life in the Boomer Lane noticed that she had written an alarming number of posts, since starting her blog in 2010. Several of these were seriously worth reading. Most were marginally worth reading.  All were read by at least somebody.  The realization was pretty overwhelming.

She decided to select a group of posts to publish on Kindle, and she has been working diligently on this project for the past six months or so. She hired an editor. Now Husband, ever the knight on a white charger in her life, taught himself how to manoeuver around the Kindle self-publication process.  The result is now an actual book, cleverly titled Life in the Boomer Lane: Musings of A Former Hula Hoop Champion, available on Amazon.

Some of you have probably already read most of the posts contained in the book. Others have read at least some of them. LBL doesn’t expect you to re-read the material.  She has enough of an issue doing that herself. She is simply announcing the book’s publication, in case you feel the need to have some of her writing with you at all times. Or you can tell friends about it.  Or you can suggest it for your book club. The possibilities are endless.

LBL is making no money on this, or rather, so little money that it won’t even cover the cost of putting everything together. She’s at a point in her life when making money is less important than buying used clothing on eBay or seeing grandchildren or curling up with a good book. All she would like would be the knowledge that some people out there would be willing to plunk down $4.99 in order to visit her alternate universe.

And, unlike the enormous effort she spent to market her previous books, Invisible No More: The Secret Live of Women Over 50 and Saving the Best for Last: Creating Our Lives After 50, she will not be marketing this one. Neither has she any plans to print it in dead tree format. The only marketing she will do is to announce it here on her blog, and possibly on social media.

That’s it. It you are interested, check it out on Amazon: Life in the Boomer Lane. 

Actually, that’s not it. Back in 2001, LBL published a novel, King of the Gypsies.  She never tried to get a publisher.  She never marketed the book or even told anyone about it. She simply wanted to see a physical manifestation of all her months of work. For many years after that, she received royalties, averaging about $13.00 per year. Clearly, it wasn’t the amount that mattered.  It was the fact that some people somewhere had found her book and bought it and presumably read it. For LBL, the thrill was off the charts.

Now, that’s really it. The rest is up to you. Buy Life in the Boomer Lane, or not.  Tell your friends about the book, or not. Post about the book on social media or not. Or don’t buy the book but just send LBL $4.99 directly. Or don’t do anything except to keep reading LBL’s blog. Whatever you do, LBL still thanks you for slogging through her posts. She may give you glib reactions to your comments, but you should know that you matter a great deal in her life.