Never Date the Wrong Man Again After 50

Posted on May 17, 2015



Life in the Boomer Lane used to conduct workshops for older singles. They were packed with transforming, life-altering information about creating relationships. In her workshop introduction, in which she introduced herself as a writer, speaker, and workshop leader, she often mentioned that she was recently remarried. At that point, most of the hands shot up. The question was always the same: How did you meet him? In other words, Just give me the place/site/whatever and get me out of here.

The truth is that, often, without a change of attitude, and, without information, no place/site/whatever will result in a meaningful, loving relationship. Many singles spend their time choosing unwisely, then wondering why their relationships don’t work. Relationships will continue to be unsuccessful, unless we step back and take a hard look at who we are, what we really want in life, and have a better understanding of who men are and what they want in life.

Enter Lisa Copeland, the Relationship Guru. Lisa spends her life training people to have what they want: lasting, loving, healthy realtionships. Her website, Find A Quality Man, is packed with information. In addition to personal coaching, she offers free teleseminars. Her latest Never Date the Wrong Man Again After 50, will be held on Tuesday, May 19.

Lisa is real. She is over age 50, she has been married and divorced, she has been through the singles dating wars. Instead of becoming bitter, she took a long, hard look at what she was doing that didn’t work, and came up with a method that would. She changed her own life and she has been able to change the lives of countless others.

So, hey, what do you have to lose? The teleseminar is free. You might actually learn something. Listen, and then let LBL know how it went.

Never Date the Wrong Man Again After 50

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