Scorecard for the Divorced, a Guest Post by Ron Colbert

Posted on March 23, 2015


Ron Colbert is a freelance blog contributor.  He has been divorced once, married twice, and is grateful for second chances in life!  When Ron isn’t writing, he enjoys fishing, playing guitar, and spending time with his family of 7 children.  He writes:

I just found this wonderful blog, Life in the Boomer Lane, and in it were a plethora of clever, fun, witty and often sage articles written from the female perspective on married and divorced life after 50.  Renee was so kind as to allow me to chime in from the male angle on the topic.  What better view point than to bring in a baseball analogy?


(For those with thick skin ONLY, readers be ye WARNED!)

Before divorce, I really had no experience, no empathy for people who had gone through divorce.  To me it was like knowing someone close to me who had gone through a bankruptcy or lost a close relative.  A dark time in their life in which I would reach out and try to support, I had no idea of magnitude of personal relationship adjustments that could and would happen.  I honestly just didn’t have two thoughts on the subject to rub together.  And, I never kept any kind of scorecard or took sides.

After being married for quite a few years I respectfully knew it takes two to tango.  I really had no idea on how to approach or support friends or relatives who were going through divorce, I had no idea the adversity they faced from friends, family and even church.  Devastating is a good word that comes to mind.

Suffice it to say I was shocked, blown away so many friends and family in my own life could have such polarized views on my own relationship.  Some sided heavily with her, some with me and none of that was necessary from my ex’s and my own view point.  We were both shocked.  We didn’t have a mud-slinging divorce, no fight over custody, vehicles, bills, or house.  We even agreed on an attorney. One of my own close family members even briefly talked my ex into suing me… we’re talking my own sister.  Who has since, now in her typical polarized fashion, reversed sides and is now on my team… if I had one.

I have not asked for this kind of loyalty or choosing of teams.  But it happens and in my own satirical way I have decided to invent some kind of solution to help fellow divorcee’s navigate the trepid waters of dramatic friends and family with (drum roll please)…  I present to you: The Divorce Announcement Baseball Card Collectors Edition.  The front of the card, of course, has the couple posing in a familiar preferably old Christmas card photo for easy recognition.  The back possesses important stats that will answer all of the rude, prying questions that will assist those who need help judging you in a simple graphical manner.  This is my gift to you, I hope it helps (your smile, that is).