Where I’m From

Posted on August 13, 2011


(The following  post was inspired by the brilliantly cheeky ukulale-playing Elly of Bugginword, who saw a piece titled “Where I’m From” by another blogger and then wrote her own.  Because LBL is nothing if not inspired by Elly, she wrote her own as a comment on her blog.  The following is a slightly expanded version.  It is not about LBL’s own journey, but that of her parents.  She’d love to see everyone else’s.)


I am from shtetls long gone. I am from bare feet on dirt roads, and wagons pulled by aged horses. I am from the awe of endless forests. I am from rags stuffed into torn shoes during winter. I am from too much hunger and too little comfort.

I am from men bent over aged prayer books, women bent over dented copper pots. I am from small children hiding under kitchen tables when the soldiers come.

I am from fear and violence and from holocaust.

I am from ships and from miles that seem forever.  I am from the smell of salt air and warm bodies. I am from the sound of whispered hope uttered with unfamiliar words. I am from the sight of unrecognized faces.

I am from a hunger for rebirth.

I am from long ragged lines of others who seek what I do, clutching what remains of lives now gone.  I am from shoes and concrete and crowded streets. I am from cacophony. I am from confusion.  I am from safety.

I am from opportunity, and from believing that when I see the sun set, I will also see it rise again.

I am from gratitude. I am from joy. I am from endless possibility.

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