It's a small world after all. But not small enough.

Posted on September 8, 2010


Overheard en route from Denver to DC:
He:  a 22 year old Jamaican
She: a 28 year old native of Washington State

She: Where are you from?
He:   Jamaica.
She:  Oh my god, Jamaica!  That’s fabulous!  I love that! So, uh, what do you speak there?
He:   It’s called Creole.  But we speak English.
She:  So, is that, uh, you know… America?
He:   No, it’s an island.  The island of Jamaica.
She:  Wow! That’s so great!  I love islands!  I’ve been to Hawaii.  Have you been there?
He:   Uh, no.
She:  It’s an island!  And the Hawaiians are so great.  And the Samoans!
He:   Uh, what are Samoans?
She:  You know, people from uh, you know, Samoa!
He:   What is Samoa?
She:  It’s, uh, you know, like the Samoan Islands!
He:   Where is that?
She:  It’s, uh, you know, uh… Oh, I guess it’s a west coast thing.