Life in the Boomer Lane

Posted on April 20, 2010


Ah, about me.  I was born in 1947, during the heady, post war years.  The years when the easiest way to deal with the lives that were taken during the war was to create new ones.  That makes me a Boomer.  Class of ’69 to be exact.  The year I entered Penn State, there were strict curfews in the dorm.  By my senior year, nobody cared if you lived in the dorm at all, and your hours were your own.  In between, political parties became more important than fraternity parties.  As a freshman, I wore Bass Weejuns and a circle pin.  By graduation, I sported granny glasses and an armband to protest Vietnam.

But the years go on and life changes.  Three kids and two husbands (at different times) later, there’s a perspective on life that wasn’t there before.  Some things remain the same.  Some, either by choice or by the inexorable march of time, change.   I like to think we, the Boomers, taught the world a new way to be young.  And now we are teaching a new way to age.

People always tell me how funny I am.  I tell them it’s because my brain cells aren’t cluttered with science or technology or the ability to get from Point A to Point B.  Therefore, I have a lot of spare cells left over for humorous observations.  I’d make a terrible stand up comic.  So I write.  And, because it’s the computer age, sometimes more people then me actually read it.


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