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Joy to the World

April 22, 2015


In an effort to distract herself from the current Mediterranean migrant crisis, as well as the current assemblage of US warships off off the coast of Yemen, Life in the Boomer Lane took a quick peek at various periodicals, in order to find something that would lift her mood. National Geographic informed her that warming […]

Time on My Mind

February 25, 2013


It is commonly acknowledged that an hour spent in the dentist’s chair is not equal to an hour spent watching football.  An hour spent on the phone with technical support is not equal to an hour spent at a great sale where everything fits you perfectly and you have mysteriously gone down two sizes (Forget […]

And she Spanx, too.

November 18, 2011


        before and after Spanx (The following is the fourth in my new series, “Old Posts to Dredge out on Slow Weekends Because When I Posted Them Originally People Cared More About the Economy and World Peace Than My Blog.” Although nothing has changed, it’s the start of a slow weekend.) I bought a lovely dress […]

And She Spanx, too.

July 25, 2010


Life in the Boomer Lane bought a lovely dress to wear to First Son’s wedding last September.  She had to wear Spanx with this dress.  Most people know about Spanx.  LBL knows about ithem because her former best friend Jean became a model, dumped her and now Spanx is Jean’s best friend.  LBL also know […]