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A Private Conversation Between the Kushners

April 11, 2017


Ivanka: J Darling, the school just called to remind us about the parent teacher conference this evening. Jared: I dearest, you know I can’t. I’m negotiating a Middle East peace treaty this evening. I: J, this is your child, my love.  Isn’t that more important? Those people have been around a long time, right? Like […]

A Boomer New Year

December 25, 2011


It’s that time of year again, when thoughts of health and fitness may intrude ever-so-slightly as we shove yet another holiday treat into our gaping maws.  When a belief in the kindness and goodness of mankind is ever-so-gently shoved aside as we spew epithets at those who secure undeserved spaces before we do in the […]

Young Boomers, Old Boomers, and Downright Imposters

August 11, 2011


(man arrested for ordering from the senior menu at Red Lobster) In spite of the overwhelming issues of global warming, stock market collapse, super-viruses, and elected representatives of our government acting like they have all contracted rabies, it’s time to step back and consider the following:  It is estimated that in the next 19 years, […]