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Hey Paula, You are About to Lose Your Paul

August 2, 2012


About a year ago, Frank came into Susan’s life.  We will call him Paul for obvious reasons.  If any reader doesn’t understand this, he/she is even more intellectually challenged than is this blogger. We’ll also exercise artistic license with Paul’s communications to her. Susan had a wonderful date with him.  The next day, he sent […]

Boomer’s Guide to Nude Beach Success

July 27, 2012


Huff/post reports the following: The website recently conducted its annual summer intentions survey, and asked the following: If you were given the chance to do one crazy activity while on vacation that you wouldn’t attempt at home, what would it be? Some 27 percent of respondents chose skinny-dipping — and of that group, 67 […]

Interview With the World’s Oldest Living Single

July 23, 2012


The following is an interview with Susan, the heroine  of the Sex and the Sixty (Year Old) series.  Contrary to the title of the post, Susan is not the actual oldest living single.  She has just had a lot of dates.  In fact, if you could stretch out all of her dates end-to-end, they would […]

Sex and the Sixty (Year Old) Sets Sail Again

July 17, 2012


Susan, immortalized in my many previous Sex and the Sixty Year Old posts, is at it again.  The girl just can’t stay away.  This time, she is trying a new and improved dating site for folks over age 50.  Her primary goal is not to meet men over 50.  It is more about her getting […]

Navigating the Bridge to Nowhere

July 16, 2012


The aging brain is like a GPS.  You know where you are headed, and your brain appears to be perfectly capable of sending you there. But you notice with increasing frequency that you are told to make a right turn, then, when you do, to make a U-turn. You may ultimately get where you want […]

From Communes to Cohousing

May 7, 2012


For those Boomers who were too young in the hippie era to have grabbed their love beads, leapt into a VW van and headed to the nearest commune, or, for those Boomers who were intrigued with the idea of communes but not the reality, take heart: There is a housing revolution in the making, spearheaded […]

Letitia, Uncovered

April 6, 2012


Back in 1999, a year that occurred in the last century, back before youtube, the iPod, and the no-contact jacket, my friend Susan and I decided to start a speed dating company.  We did this because: 1. We had no experience of starting a business of any kind 2. We had no experience of speed […]

Boomers rule. But you already knew that.

April 3, 2012


Experts from the April 1 Aging in America Conference have announced that Baby Boomers will transform aging in America over the next decade. Moderator Ken Dychtwald, president and CEO of the consulting firm AgeWaveBy 2020, puts it bluntly: “Anyone who thinks [the boomers] will turn 65 and be the same as the generation before are missing […]

HEBBS: You Know Who You Are

March 31, 2012


Be warned that there’s a new acronym on the street: HEBBS. This is not to be confused with Donald Hebbs (a Canadian psychologist), Bobby Hebbs (singer and songwriter of the hit song “Sunny”) or Hebb’s Auto Service in Halifax, NS. HEBBS, High-Earning Baby Boomers, are defined as Baby Boomers who live in households that have […]

Dating After 50: Revealing Secrets. Or not.

February 9, 2012


An overwhelming number of people who choose to enter the dating world after age 50 have already lived at least 50 years.  And, if they are like most people over 50 (and many people under,) some of their early choices in life, while not resulting in life in a maximum security prison, may have still […]