Sex and the Sixty (Year Old) Sets Sail Again

Posted on July 17, 2012


Susan, immortalized in my many previous Sex and the Sixty Year Old posts, is at it again.  The girl just can’t stay away.  This time, she is trying a new and improved dating site for folks over age 50.  Her primary goal is not to meet men over 50.  It is more about her getting tired of being besieged by 20-something-year-old men who insist they really do want to get into relationships with women over the age of 60.  Susan always suggests they put themselves up for adoption, but they are persistent little devils.

The newest crop of men are giving every indication of being every bit as colorful as the previous ones. Here are a couple:

Subject: “Due Diligence” (his words, not mine)

“In Charleston, be my guest, totally free except for your fuel, incl great meals and resort, all so we can talk and see if you can be my woman in two weeks, after that I sail, and hope that you are on board, with the pre nup for the Caribbean marriage, Love, Capt. Jim”

Capt Jim wastes no time.  One wonders what would happen if one set sail with him, then got into a spat onboard. I’m thinking he wouldn’t even have the patience to wait until he got to the next port to unload his unwanted cargo.

This one was received from a man after Susan wrote back that she didn’t think they were a match.  His response: “I’m not looking for a match.  Only for someone who will love me.”

The above opens up a whole new way of looking at relationship. If we eliminate the pesky compatibility factor, as well as the requirement that someone love us, we certainly do increase the number of people with whom we can fall in love.    And once space exploration picks up again, the possibilities become unlimited.

Susan has received at least five emails from tennis players over the age of 68.  She is now wondering  if someone posted  her picture on the Senior Tennis Association website.

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