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When Good Bras Let You Down

October 16, 2013


Revlon has just announced that it is bringing back five iconic lipstick shades from past decades, starting with Icy Violet, introduced in 1946. This will make anyone over age 90 extremely happy. The other colors span the years from 1956-1999. Jungle peach (1963) might be remembered by the oldest Boomers, Sandstorm (1999) by the youngest. […]

The Making of A Hula Hoop Champion

October 1, 2013


Life in the Boomer Lane’s Uncle Sid, an amateur photographer, left behind thousands of slides, photos, and dozens of old movie reels when he went to the great photography convention in the sky. Uncle Sid was not a creative type. His garden sprouted way more signs than anything else. Each flower, bush, vegetable, and herb […]

Bag Lady Intervention

August 4, 2013


Life in the Boomer Lane recently read a cry for help that a woman posted on Vibrant Nation. Her life was being ruined by the size of her purse and the amount of stuff in it. The weight of the purse was creating a physical problem, and her husband refused to stick his hand in […]

An Archaeological Dig, Without Leaving Home

July 1, 2013


It occurred to me over the past year that my children will never remove the approximately 100 large boxes stored in my attic. They have good reasons, mostly consisting of “We have no place for it.” I even resorted to saying “When I die, all you will do is throw everything out in the trash […]

Fifty Shades of Bondage

March 6, 2012


Ask any woman what she wants in a partner and she will say “Trust.  Caring. Communication.”  But the success of Fifty Shades of Grey has shown otherwise.  What we all want is to be ravished from behind, while wearing a blindfold and doggy collar. In Part One, I introduced the book, Fifty Shades of Grey.  […]

Extreme Couponing and You

November 1, 2011


Unless you have been living in my dryer’s lint trapper or have been spending all your time keeping track all the Republican nominee wannabees, you are probably aware of the latest extreme sport to hit reality TV.  Added to cliffjumping, basejumping, bodyboarding, and Red Bull Fierste Ljepper, is what may have become the most dangerous extreme […]

Why I Don’t Collect Things

September 27, 2010


The members of my family were always avid collectors.  My grandfather, in addition to collecting wives, used to bring discarded items home from abandoned properties that were undergoing renovation.  He was a paperhanger, and he never saw an old item (or a young woman) he didn’t like.  My grandmother (actually my step-grandmother and his second […]