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The Truth About Happiness

October 15, 2019


Since the dawn of time, people have noticed that happiness can be elusive. Getting stomped by a mammoth could put a damper on anyone’s day. After the demise of mammoths, humans all over the planet invented slavery, another buzz-kill for many. Even for the non-slave population, plagues, wars, rotten teeth, and having to eat meals […]

The Search for Happiness

November 15, 2017


Thanks to the latest issue of National Geographic, we all now know where people are happiest on this planet. Contrary to what you might be thinking, it’s not the free food sample stations at Costco. Nor is it sitting in front of the computer, staring at friends’ Facebook postings and hearing the familiar ding that […]

Is There Such A Thing As A Happy Gene?

November 4, 2014


  Contrary to what all of the grey-haired men whose girlfriends are twenty-somethings believe, this is not the happiest group of people on the planet.  That distinction belongs to the Danes, who year after year, score at the top or near the top of the Happy Scale.  Scientists have started to study why this might […]

What Makes You Happy?

May 24, 2013


A couple weeks ago, HuffPost published an article which revealed that The American Express Company, while selling people on the fantasy of what they (American Express) has determined to be blissfully happy lives, has also, behind the scenes, been tracking data since the 1980s on what makes Americans happy in reality. This got Life in […]

The U-bend of Life

January 14, 2011


Last month, the cover of the Economist Magazine shrieked “The Joy of Growing Old (or why life begins at 46).”  Needless to say, this caught Life in the Boomer Lane’s eye, while she was in the drugstore looking for nighttime panty liners.  She bought the magazine, in spite of the actual article being titled “The U-Bend […]