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Unscheduled Ride-Sharing Tours

April 16, 2021


Having now been fully vaccinated (Note to Readers: Life in the Boomer Lane experienced absolutely no side effects from the second vaccine. It was a non-event, leading her to believe that it was a fake vaccine created by the same folks who brought you pizza parlors and child molestation), she can now get on with […]

50: Pt 2

April 29, 2015


  In spite of Life in the Boomer Lane’s best efforts at ending up in a geographic area other than the one intended by the organizers of her high school 50-year reunion, she did ultimately arrive. This was thanks to her close friend/fellow grad, who picked her up at 30th St Station in Philadelphia. We […]

When GPSs Collide

July 14, 2014


Life in the Boomer Lane has noticed very lately that her two GPS systems (car and phone) have decided to join both the Middle East and Congress in their inability to cooperate in any way whatsoever. At exactly the same moment, they (the phone and the car) chose to enter a state of reality so […]

Love is Never Having to Say You’re Siri

January 10, 2014


Life in the Boomer Lane will not be writing about either Chris Christie or Dennis Rodman today.  She has decided to give them a break, as both seem to be having a tough time this week. She feels certain that Christie will eventually move on from the embarrassment his staff has created, in causing a […]

When Good GPS’s Go Bad

July 15, 2013


The circumstances of Life in the Boomer Lane’s jet set lifestyle involved Now Husband making a reservation at a hotel near the Newark Airport, picking her up at the airport, and driving to the hotel. LBL will give you no other details about where she was coming from, why she and Now Husband had to […]

Woman Drives 900 Miles Out of Her Way After GPS Error

January 16, 2013


When this blogger saw the above headline on Yahoo News, she was sure the article was written about her.  But a quick check of her surroundings informed her that she was, as usual, seated in front of her laptop, wearing her pajamas.  She breathed a sigh of relief and wrote the following in response to […]

My GPS Has A Different Accent Than Yours

February 10, 2012


(The following is the 11th in my series, “Old Posts to Dredge out on Slow Weekends Because When I Posted Them Originally People Cared More About the Economy and World Peace Than My Blog.” This one, though, was actually my first Freshly Pressed post, so a lot of people did see it.) I have a GPS […]

London, Maine, and A Lot of Cat Poop

August 10, 2011


Life in the Boomer Lane spent all of July in London.  She owned one grandson when she arrived, two by the time she left.  LBL was able to produce the second grandson with little or no physical discomfort and subsequently no need to bare a breast in public or have her sleep interrupted several times during […]

This Cricket was No Jiminy

November 8, 2010


Life in the Boomer Lane is not afraid of insects.  Unless they want to crawl into her nose or ears.  And they always do.  Last night was a typical example. Visualize this: LBL is reading in bed.  Now Husband is sleeping.  It’s peaceful, serene.  LBL is loving her book (To the End of the Land, David Grossman).  […]

When Good Technology Happens to Inept People

September 2, 2010


LBL’s Now Husband is in Greece and Turkey for a month.  Family in Turkey, good friends on Rhodes in Greece.  Since NH is, among other things, LBL’s Go To Guy for technology, LBL was a bit apprehensive at the thought of his being gone for so long.  LBL knows her track record, and it isn’t pretty.  LBL fully prepared […]