Old Women Who Write

Posted on March 2, 2021


Life in the Boomer Lane has some pretty big ideas. Most of the time, she keeps them to herself. Then, after awhile, someone else invents seat belts for dogs or some Really Important Human writes something that millions of people start talking about. Then, LBL can say to herself, “Hey, I already thought of that.”

LBL’s friend Jean isn’t like that. Jean’s thoughts are often followed by pronouncements. Big, colorful pronouncements. “I’m going to retire from being a lawyer and be a model instead.” “I’m going to be on that show ‘Survivor’.” “I’m going to write a book about sex after 60.” “I’m going to live in a log cabin.” “I’m going to live in a tiny house in North Carolina.” “I’m going to run for County Commissioner.” A lot of her pronoucements actually come true. Some merely come close enough to get within breathing distance of the goal. A small minority don’t materialize, for one reason or another. None of them fail for lack of being verbalized.

Her latest project, loudly announced, was to write her memoirs. But, because Jean’s visions always morph into something bigger, writing the memoir morphed into a vision of creating a blog for all older women writers, one that would inspire writers, showcase writers and form a community of writers. OldWomenWhoWrite.com would be way bigger than a memoir. LBL suspects that Jean’s vision also includes radio and TV appearances, magazine interviews and a world book tour.

LBL was the first author interviewed for the website. The questions were thought-provoking and the interview was enjoyable. Now one can go to the website and see LBL with Covid-generated blond and grey hair, as well as hair that has been blown dry for the interview. LBL watched the interview just now for the first time. She doesn’t like to see herself on TV or video. Next interview, someone has to tie her arms down to keep them from flapping all over the screen.

Jean’s thoughts from the website: Since I am about to turn 80, I thought it time to figure out what my life has been about…really about. And that is where I am today. Writing, editing, website creating, and in love with the idea that I can help change the paradigm of aging, not only for myself but for all of my sisters in age. 

There is an ancient Sufi saying: “When the ego weeps for what it has lost, the spirit rejoices for what it has found.” And I say “Amen!”

Just in case you are wondering, those words are accompanied by a photo of Jean, over age 70, decked out as a Super Hero. If you are looking for a reason to visit Old Women Who Write, this is as good a reason as any. And if you get past the home page, you’ll probably find a lot of reasons to stay. If you do check it out, write to LBL and assure her that her arm-flapping isn’t as bad as she thinks it is.

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