Five Ways to Add Storage Space to Any Room

Posted on April 20, 2016





Life in the Boomer Lane has been obsessed, recently, with the growing phenomenon of tiny houses. She collects tiny houses on her pinterest page.  She debates floor plans of tiny houses. She fantasizes about living in a tiny house, facing the ocean.  So it was entirely appropriate that Debra Lewis, a reader of this blog, submitted a guest post about ways to add storage space to any room.

LBL is certain that you live in a bigger space than a tiny house, but she suspects you may need extra storage, nonetheless. So here goes:


Living in a small space presents certain challenges. Even if your apartment or home is big, it’s possible to still feel cramped. Fortunately, there are options to create extra storage space that don’t include unsightly plastic bins strategically placed in closets or under beds. With a little creativity, you can add extra storage space without sacrificing aesthetics.

Utilize Wall Space

Many people don’t think about all the bare space on their walls or ceilings when they think about storage options. Consider using wall hooks to hang pots and pans from the ceiling or the walls in the kitchen. You can also use wall hooks to hang coffee mugs from the walls to free up space in your cupboards. All throughout your home, you have storage space on your walls that can be utilized with just a few extra accessories.

Storage Furniture

If you need extra storage throughout your home, consider combining your furniture with storage options. Storage beds have come a long way, and there are plenty of attractive options to add storage space to your bedroom. You can add stylish storage ottomans and chests that not only look good, but also give you extra storage space in your living room. When looking for ways to increase storage throughout your home, avoid plastic bins that you have to hide and instead use the right furniture that offers both storage and style for your home.

Recessed Storage Options

If you have unused space between the walls, recessed storage options offer extra storage without taking up much space in the room. Recessed furniture is actually built into the wall, typically with the front of the furniture flush with the wall. If you’re handy, you can do it yourself. However, many people opt to call in a professional. For a small bedroom, buy a recessed dresser. Recessed cabinets also free up room in a small kitchen. Any room that has unused space between the walls becomes a prime candidate for this storage opportunity.

Unexpected Storage Areas

There are a few storage areas throughout the home that many people forget. Underneath staircases typically offers a lot of unused space. You can consider opening up that space with a small door to access the area under the stairs. Another option is to create drawers out of the space on the staircases so that each stair is actually a drawer for storage.

Look Up

There’s a lot of wasted space above your head in any room. Consider hanging shelves or cabinets up high on the walls where you probably won’t even notice them. You can hang kitchen supplies that you only use sparingly high up on the walls in the kitchen. If you have a small bedroom, you may even want to consider lofting your bed to use that space above your head, and free up valuable space on the ground for things that can’t be hung or lofted.

There is a lot of space throughout your home that you may not even realize is there. You don’t have to sacrifice style to create chic storage options in any room throughout your home.