Dating Review Sites: Avoiding the Downside of Online Dating

Posted on August 11, 2015



Back in the Dark Ages of online dating, it was believed that dating sites were populated mainly by serial killers. Life in the Boomer Lane, a firm believer that even serial killers deserved to find true love, signed up for the service immediately. Her friends were horrified.  The horror went to even higher levels when LBL started meeting men for coffee dates. The horror went into full tilt boogie mode when LBL, seizing an opportunity to meet a tall, part Native American who sported a long ponytail, hopped on a plane for the wilds of Wisconsin. LBL’s friends first had to vet the man by demanding to speak to his friends. And, while LBL was gone, she had to call each one of them at a scheduled time, to tell them she was alive and well.

While online dating has now, years later, gone mainstream, it’s not without its perils.  Or, at the very least, its annoyances. LBL’s friends, all Women of a Certain Age, complain about being constantly contacted by twenty-something-year-old men.  For those 50+ year old readers who are now about to blitz this post in order to go onto an online site, LBL assures you that the emails these women are getting are not indicative ones that portend loving, supportive, long term relationships. They are not even indicative of ones that portend loving, supportive, short term romps in clean sheets. They are more on the order of men looking for a quick trip to a circus side show.

For those women who prefer men who have left puberty behind several decades ago, many join senior dating sites. Senior dating sites are not only age-appropriate for women, they are populated by men who aren’t searching to fulfill a fantasy of being with a women who has recently stopped sleeping with stuffed animals.

The good news is that we now have choices in online dating sites. The problem is that there are so many online dating sites now, that it’s sometimes difficult to know which is best for you. Thankfully, there are now review sites that rank the top dating sites, based on site features, member feedback, cost, etc. These online dating reviews can be a real time-saver in the hunt for the perfect online dating site. Once you have found the perfect online dating site, the rest is up to you.

Of course, for those older women who would still prefer to be with a man who has a grandma fetish, or who believes that the higher a woman’s age is correlates with the number of sex toys she owns, there are any number of places where one can meet them.  The beauty of online dating is that there is something for everyone, maybe even a perfect match.

And, for those readers who are wondering whatever happened to the tall, part-American Indian with a long ponytail, LBL can happily report that she traded him in for a medium height, part-Turk with thinning (but still sexy) hair. Thank you, online dating.