My Gift From Ahh Bra Means A Win For You

Posted on August 21, 2013



Life in the Boomer Lane is grateful that the long tradition of bestowing domesticated animals on others as gifts, has, with the exception of small pockets of the country, become passé. She is also grateful that, in this amazing and wondrous world of bloated information, celebs, governments and companies can capture every reference to themselves uttered by the unwashed masses.

What began as a post about the Ahh Bra, and LBL’s intimate, if short-lived, experience with Carl, the Ahh Bra salesperson, caught the attention of the folks at Rhonda Shear, the makers of the Ahh Bra. They graciously offered to send her an assortment of their products. LBL has high standards and will not accept gifts that require her to test and/or promote a product. This applies mostly to surgical implants and mountain climbing equipment. Everything else is fair game.

Yesterday, the package arrived. Inside the cute Rhonda Shear tote bag were various articles of clothing. Also included was a 54 page catalog of Rhonda Shear products, a 2013 women’s wisdom calendar, and a Rhonda Shear pen, presumably included to circle all the items LBL would want to buy.

She noticed that the box did not include Rhonda Shear’s “Sexy Sparkle” Rhinestone Teddy, the “Sweet Coquette” Lace Butternut Chemise, or the “Cheeky” Lace Panty, were pictured in the catalog. If it had, Now Husband would have been confused as to why LBL was no longer wearing her usual at-home attire, consisting of items that were no longer identifiable as articles of clothing. .

This morning, LBL tried everything on. What follows is her honest assessment. But, before that, a caveat: All of the items sent were size L. LBL wears a M on top and a S or XS on the bottom. So nothing actually fit. That said, here goes:

Ahh Bra (lilac): As LBL said in her initial post, this is good as a sleeping bra, period. But those of you with very young breasts or those of you with Barbie Doll implants would be able to wear it as a regular bra.

“Flirt” Molded Cup Camisole (deep turquoise): Adjustable straps. In addition to being a camisole, this could actually be worn as a tankini top.

“Ahh Divine” Seamless Underwire Bra (forest green): Same as Ahh Bra. Beautiful color, but even the underwires don’t give
LBL enough support. On the other hand, this might work for a lot of women.

“Ahh Blossom” Seamless Floral Jacquard Panty (forest green): Since LBL wears a size XS on the bottom, and she doesn’t wear full coverage briefs, this is an item she would never use. But they are super attractive, and anyone who wears a full coverage panty might want to consider.

“Ahh Lovely” High Waist Legging w/ Lace Cuff (dark grey): This one is a MAJOR WINNER. The size L doesn’t matter much since the fabric is more Spanx-light and so fits. LBL is, as she writes this, wearing them with a black tunic top, and flats (not the platform stilettoes, pictured). Positively adorable.

LBL would now like to pay it forward. Since the items sent are all size L, she invites loyal readers or those who are walking around without underwear to request any of the items described. She will send the item to the first person who requests it and that person can post their own review or just send LBL a large amount of cash, in gratitude.

In conclusion, LBL would like to thank in advance Eileen Fisher, Oska, the BMW Corporation, and Windstar Luxury Cruises for the generous gifts they are sure to bestow on her after seeing their names in print on her blog.