I’m too Famous for my Pilates Class

Posted on March 15, 2011


I didn't get a parade like this.

Actually I’m not.  What with the whole Freshly Pressed thing yesterday, and with all the comments pouring in, I thought maybe I should stay home and answer them, instead of going to class. But the truth is that I just always try to think of a reason not to go to the gym (like the dryer might be finished at any moment or I thought I might have seen an ant dart out from behind the baking soda and I should wait to see if he appears again). But I couldn’t fool even myself, so I went to my class. Life, after all, does have a habit of going forward, usually to a destination I would rather avoid.


 First, a very belated THANK YOU to www.hippiecahier.com for bestowing upon me a Stylish Blogger Award back on March 4.  I’m honored, first for getting the award and second for getting it from one of the bloggers I seriously admire.  The only reason I didn’t respond immediately because sometimes things just disappear from my brain (like making quarterly tax payments or showing up for a scheduled surgery).  I’m sure all thoughts that have fled my consciousness in the last few years are, as I write this, being used to create whole new human beings who will be way more financially and socially responsible than me.                                          

 Next, a couple days ago, I had an email from Kermit Kuehn whose blog www.4060men.com, is for men at midlife.  Kermit saw some pieces that I wrote for www.boomercafe.com and asked if he could use them, plus others, since he was looking for “a variety of topics from accomplished experts and good communicators.”  Since I will respond to anything involving flattery without accompanying monetary compensation, I quickly accepted.  

Another person who worked for no money.

 Kermit also asked me if I knew other bloggers who would be a good fit.  So, I’m going to suggest the following people to him:

 Carl Dagostino

Todd Pack

Middle of the Freakin Road

Deliriously Divine


 I feel that you, aside from being bloggers who are worth reading, are also people who can write articles that would be of interest to men at midlife.  So you are not getting an award, but instead a chance at fame without monetary compensation, just like me.   Let me know if you are interested.  If not, I won’t suggest you.

 Now I have to pack.  When I return from my trip, I will be the exact same old me, except with a lot of dirty clothes to wash.

I won't meet her because I'm not famous enough.

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