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Where Not to Stay This Summer

July 11, 2016


Life in the Boomer Lane knows that a lot of you out there are searching for all kinds of vacation opportunities. You may be considering villas in the south of France or a certain Red Roof Inn outside Pittsburgh. As a public service, LBL will now advise you to cross one place off your list. […]

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Fall

August 26, 2013


In years past, when Life in the Boomer Lane had three children at home, it was easy to know that summer was coming to an end. One tip-off was that there were no toys left in fewer than six pieces. A second was that her family had reached its critical mass of three trips to the […]

Gotta Love Joisey

May 10, 2011


I’ve had several messages from the universe lately. Some people get messages from the universe about saving countries or leading their people to freedom or fighting for human rights.  I’m not one of those people. Because I grew up in Phiadelphia, I get messages about New Jersey. I spent a lot of time at the […]

Why People Shave Cats

July 20, 2010


Every summer, there is a repeating scenario. Life in the Boomer Lane begins to notice that she is avoiding petting Miracle the Cat (even more so than usual), because the slightest touch will release a shower of cat hair all around her and she will be walking around in a perpetual state of cat hair […]