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Time: The Answers Issue

June 29, 2015


It seems only yesterday (“yesterday” being defined as something that Life in the Boomer Lane is fairly sure isn’t happening right now), that Time came out with its last “The Answers Issue.” Life in the Boomer Lane can’t remember what those answers were, but she knows that they didn’t actually change anything in her life. […]

The Rite of Spring Part 1

March 24, 2014


  Life in the Boomer Lane knows very well that the advent of spring usually involves young women developing a sudden, overwhelming need to cast bras aside and older women developing an equally intense need to force all manner of flower and vegetable to sprout in every available bit of green space they own.  LBL […]

The Rite of Spring

March 8, 2011


Most people know it’s spring because of sudden, all consuming, uncontrollable thoughts of love.  Or the sight of the first shock of color against a grey-smeared landscape. Or the heady, intoxicating, sweetly ephemeral scent of the air.  Not Life in the Boomer Lane.  She knows it’s spring because the ants are back in her pantry. Over the […]