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7 Reasons Why You Should be Sleeping Naked

May 21, 2019


Refinery 29 has nailed the Wow-I-Didn’t-Know-That-Shit headline. The site covers everything pop culture/fashion/anyone or anything starting with K (Kardashian/Kondo/kombucha). It’s Life in the Boomer Lane’s go-to site that allows her to wow her friends with insider knowledge, when, in effect, she has only read the headline (Example: “If you stayed alert through the series, you’d have […]

Playboy Goes Under Cover

October 14, 2015


Playboy, the magazine that launched millions of boomer men into puberty, will, starting in March 2016, no longer show naked women in its pages. Lest this seem on par with McDonalds switching to an all-vegan menu, LBL is here to assure you that the decision will probably increase Playboy readership. The truth is that in today’s […]

Naked People All Over My House

October 13, 2010


A friend came over the other day and asked me why I had naked people all over my house.  Because I am unusually observant about my surroundings, I answered “Huh?” and the friend said, “Look around.  You have a naked people in every room.”  I checked the bedroom and the bathroom, but my husband Dan […]