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Perky in Turkey

September 4, 2017


Life in the Boomer Lane must write this blog post quickly, as she has just received an alert in her Inbox, shrieking “Hurry!  This underwear deal expires soon!”  She is quite anxious to read what this is all about, as, coincidently, she has an appointment today for a bra fitting at a very upscale bra […]

Passenger Creates Kindle Mayhem on Transatlantic Flight

March 25, 2011


Life in the Boomer Lane’s flight back from London was uneventful except for one item of note.  At some point during the trip, LBL fell asleep and was awakened by a loud clunk.  When her brain cleared, she realized her Kindle must have slid off her lap.  LBL then proceeded to do the Airline Dance in which […]