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Amazon Eats Whole Foods

June 19, 2017


Amazon, in it’s trajectory toward world domination, has just purchased Whole Foods. Whole Foods, for those of you who live 50 miles outside of town and grow all of your own food, is an upscale grocery store chain, in which one can purchase individually-wrapped grapes, each with a story about country of origin and a […]


June 21, 2016


The recent upswing in popularity of truthish has become especially pronounced in celeb tabloids and political circles. Donald Trump, when he isn’t using his vast fourth grade vocabulary to compliment himself, can often be found uttering nuggets that he has gleaned from random social media sources and National Enquirer. But let’s give Trump a break, […]

Let’s Talk Ice Cream

May 27, 2014


  With the exception of some pretty blatant misrepresentation at the time Life in the Boomer Lane, age seven, was about to undergo a tonsillectomy: “You’ll be able to eat all the ice cream you want!” (The ice cream took on the form of nail-embedded sandpaper as it went down LBL’s throat), LBL has been […]

10 Surprises Your Body Has in Store for You, Post-50

January 30, 2014


An alert reader has sent Life in the Boomer Lane an article from titled “17 Surprises Your Body Has in Store for You Post 50.” By the time LBL was finished reading the title, she had come up with over 30 items of her own. But she will now address herself to the items […]

Boomers May Be Good Past Their Expiration Date

November 13, 2013


For those of you who make food a part of your daily diet, you will be happy to know that expiration dates are, in effect, mere suggestions based on decades-old guesses of when food might be the freshest (not safest). The truth is that most products are perfectly fine beyond their sell-by dates. A new […]

How to Tell if You are in Washington State or Washington, DC.

September 7, 2011


                                                                        (Thanks to Tim Knight!) Seattle is located in Washington State, about as far away from Washington, DC as is humanly possible.  But, because the word Washington sounds an awful lot like the word Washington, there are a lot of tourists who ask the DC Visitors Center how far they are from the Pacific Ocean […]

Pork Cheeks and Buffalo Milk Ice Cream

June 20, 2010


Sorry, US.  You can take a lesson from the Brits about how to run a food festival.  The annual Taste of London restaurant festival was held yesterday in Regent’s Park, just a few blocks from Beloved Daughter’s flat.  A mind boggling array of restaurants and pubs were represented.  Many of them had created charming outdoor […]