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3 Ways Your Divorce is More Complicated than It Needs to Be (and How to Fix It)

February 12, 2016


            The following is a guest post from Aurora Family Attorney. Ned C.  Kahn was born and raised in the Chicago area. He graduated from the Indiana School of Law in 1991 with honors. The Law Office of Ned C. Khan was opened in 1993 and has been representing clients in divorce, criminal and personal injury […]

The Museum of Broken Relationships

May 6, 2014


  Zagreb, Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia) is the home of the Museum of Broken Relationships. While the point can be made that Yugoslavia is, itself, a major broken relationship, this particular museum deals with couples who have split. Many of these splits occurred well before Gwyneth Paltrow’s (Oscar-winning/world-class mom/chef/foodie/blogger/wife of rock star) invention of the term […]

Divorce After 50: A Guest Post by Alan Brady

April 9, 2013


When I received an inquiry from someone named Alan Brady, about being a guest poster on my blog, I immediately flashed back to the character of Alan Brady on the Dick Van Dyke Show. That Alan Brady was pompous, had a lot of hairpieces and made a lot of bad decisions.  He was a guy […]

Rallying to Restore Marital Sanity

November 2, 2010


Life in the Boomer Lane and Now Husband’s friend Judy was coming with them to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity.  She was driving from New Jersey to their house on Friday evening.  The phone rang. LBL picked it up at that exact same second that NH came rushing into the room, yelling “There is something wrong with […]