Peter Thiel, A Man of the (Entitled)People

Posted on February 22, 2022


For those who seek to be on the vanguard of fashion trends, Life in the Boomer Lane would advise you to start searching online for cute, comfy jackboots. One recent indication, among countless, is that Peter Thiel, multi-billionaire head of the parent company of Facebook, as well as couture-uniformed cheerleader of Donald Trump, will step down from that post in order to make sure that this latest apoplectic version of the GOP wins in the mid-terms.

Thiel is a savvy businessman. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude for making our lives so much easier. He co-founded Paypal in 2005. He backed Airbnb. He founded a zillion dollar company to track down terrorists. And he correctly realized that Facebook, beloved by just about everyone, would be an adorable way to swing a hatchet at American democracy.

In 2014, back in the innocent days of checks and iPhone 6, Thiel said, “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.” He has written that multiculturalism in colleges was hurting education, always blaming the man for rape was wrong, and that women getting the vote was bad for democracy.

Thiel has said a lot more, some of which he apologized for. “I deeply regret the comments I made when I was an innocent, misguided human-in-training. I was distracted by amassing billions of dollars by using my extreme intelligence and savvy investing skills.” Loyal Readers may believe that the last quote was created by LBL and not Thiel. You are correct.

Thiel excused Trump’s litany of atrocities toward women because “He gets the big things right.” LBL heartily agrees that Trump is up to much bigger fish than the women he comes in contact with. What are a few dozen cases of rape, assault and general misogamy, compared to sedition, subverting a presidential election, and politicizing the Justice Department? Trump is Thiel’s Guy. “The big things he’s right about amount to a much-needed dose of humility in our politics.” LBL has read this last quote several times and can make no sense of it. If running the country like a mafia don, directing a landslide of wealth toward those who don’t need it and using an entire swath of the American population as his own personal army, all converge to create humility in politics, then Thiel’s Guy is, indeed, The Guy.

So, what can we expect from this person who is hostile to the idea of democracy and believes that the US, like all successful companies, should have one decision maker? So far, he is backing one candidate who is an employee of his. Another, author JD Vance, Hillbilly Elegy author-turned-millionaire, is an investor with him. He has backed Ted Cruz in the past. He’ll support anyone who in turn supports Trump’s agenda. He has the means to do pretty much whatever he wants.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Facebook without Thiel. On the surface, LBL suspects it will be pretty much the same. Beneath the surface is another matter entirely, as we are just starting to realize. And Thiel will be out there, letting the cute-as-hell Facebook puppy he brought home chew everything in sight, while he is away, turning his sights toward the political world.

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