Dating Over 50

Posted on April 1, 2019


The following is a guest post:
Dating over 50 may seem daunting. If you’ve been trying to find that special someone for a while, dating starts to become exhausting. On the other hand, if you’re re-entering the dating pool after a long absence, you could feel out-of-place. Luckily, making a few small changes to what you thought you knew about first dates can make a world of difference.

Follow these tips to help you land more second dates, third dates, and so on.
1. Try new ways of meeting people
If you’re in a rut and can’t seem to connect with people, try different avenues of meeting
someone you can connect with. For years now, online dating has been a great way to meet many different people. Despite the misconceptions, if you follow the right steps, online dating is a great option for singles over 50 too. Another option is to let your friends and family set you up on a blind date. Blind dates can be exciting and fun, plus you never know what you’re missing out on if you don’t try. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and being a bit adventurous with your dating could lead to plenty of exciting opportunities.
2. Ask the right questions
Cut the small talk and start asking interesting questions that will actually help you get to know the person. Far too often first dates are treated like an interview, and both people care more about their answers than having fun. There are still questions to avoid on your first date, like asking about their sexual past and religious/political views. However, there are plenty of deep questions you can ask your date that will show that you are interested and giving your time together serious thought. “What one person  living or dead would you want as a dinner guest?” is a classic.
3. Skip the dinner and movie

It’s time to shake things up and actually have fun on your first date. Try to come up with unique and thoughtful first date ideas. Art exhibits, karaoke bars, and wine tastings are all great options. If you still want to place emphasis on the food, try cooking a romantic meal at home. By adding creativity to your romance, you are setting yourself up for success in the long run of the relationship.

4. Look the part 

For better or for worse, appearance is an integral part to making a good first impression.
Throughout the night, you and your date will get to know each other better, but so much can be decided in those first moments. It’s important to still present your true self, but cleaning up a bit never hurts. You don’t want to dress too formally, but you also don’t want to wear a wrinkled
t-shirt. Sharp, but casual, is usually the best way to go. The same can be said about your
hairstyle, so consider seeing your barber or hairdresser a few days before.
5. Put the phone away
The best conversations can be ruined just by a slight glance at your phone. By keeping your phone away throughout the entirety of your date, you are showing that you are interested, engaged and invested in what they have to say. A survey actually found that cell phone use is the biggest first date pet peeve for both men and women alike. Just like years ago, you will survive being away from texts and social media for a few hours. If you’re that desperate about expecting a text, excuse yourself and check your phone in the bathroom.