4 Crafts for the Holiday Season

Posted on July 18, 2016


snow globe

Life in the Boomer Lane has discovered the perfect way to mentally bypass the anxiety-inducing current political season. Thanks to this guest post from Debra Lewis, LBL can zip right into thoughts of the holidays. Hopefully, the holidays will still be there by the time late fall arrives. 

Debbie Lewis is an aspiring  writer, mother, and yoga enthusiast. She loves to write about all different topics, as she feels it helps her learn new things. If you’d like her to write for you, you can connect with her on G+


The holiday season offers plenty of chances for you to discover new crafts. Consider trying some of these projects this year. They will make your home beautiful while giving you something fun to try.
Make Festive Wreaths

No matter what kinds of materials you have around the house, you can find a way to make wreaths out of them. If you want to go the traditional and natural route, then you can trim branches from your Christmas tree and arrange them in a circle. Add ornaments, bells, bows or any other decorative element that you like.

If you want to explore something a little more creative, try making your wreaths out of:
Paper towel rolls
Felt balls
Wine bottle corks
Keep in mind that some materials won’t last long outdoors, so you will want to keep those cardboard and felt wreaths inside.

Decorate Your Mailbox

For most of the year, mailboxes sit at the end of the driveway where they don’t attract any attention other than from postal workers. As the holidays approach, you can turn your mailbox into a festive decoration.

Decorating your mailbox is also a good way to welcome visitors into your home. In addition to ribbon and evergreen branches, you can hang a sign from your mailbox. It can say anything you want as long as it’s in the spirit of the season.

This project doesn’t take much money or time. You can get most of the materials you need from Home Depot to keep it as inexpensive as possible.

Design Your Own Wrapping Paper

Instead of wasting money on boring wrapping paper this year, spend some time looking around your home for materials that will add a personal touch to all of your presents. This project will force you to think outside of the box, so you might find it a little difficult at first. Once you get the hang of it, though, you will spot all kinds of materials that could make great wrapping paper.

Some of the items you might already have in your home include:
Tights that you don’t wear anymore
Paper bags that you decorate with crayon, ink and glitter
Neon duct tape
Old magazines and newspapers

Build Your Own Snow Globes
Forget about buying snow globes at the store. You will spend less money and have more fun making them at home. It’s a lot easier than you probably think. The only materials you need are:
Glass jars

Decorations for the inside
You get to decide what you put inside the snow globe. Just try to choose items that won’t eventually degrade in the water. Plastic and ceramic are good materials to look for when putting together your holiday scenes. After you make the snow globes, you can use them to decorate your home or give them away as gifts.

Making crafts is a unique way to bring cheer into your home. This holiday season, look for things you can make yourself.