Life in the Boomer Lane Enters A Contest

Posted on February 11, 2014



Life in the Boomer Lane suspects that many of you are quite busy right now, gathering up whipping cream, soft restraints, and dog-eared copies of Fifty Shades of Grey for your Valentine’s Day festivities. She does, however, ask you to set aside your own lives for a moment in order to enhance hers.

The folks at Midlife Collage have discovered LBL. Each month, they host a writing contest, and LBL’s Valentine’s Day post 2013 is in the running. That’s where you come in. If you are willing to 1. go to their site  2. read LBL’s post (Valentines for People I Hate), 3. click the Facebook “Like” at the end of the entry and 4. leave a “high quality” comment (LBL has no idea what this means, but feel free to use every big word you know), LBL has a shot at winning this thing. 5. You may also leave “Readers Closing Arguments submitted to the Judges on our Closing Arguments page.” This last part is a little scary, but all you wannabe attorneys may feel free to close away, if you like.

LBL can already hear your questions, and she is here to answer:

Is Midlife Collage one of those sketchy places where you can get a degree online?
No, a collage is not a college. Please unsubscribe immediately. This blog has standards.

Why do you deserve to win?
I probably don’t.

Yesterday, you gave us valentines so that we could then write wonderful comments to you. Now you want this. Isn’t it all a bit too much?
That depends. If you are you, yes, it’s a bit too much. If you are me, it’s not.

How much do you get for winning and would you share it with us?
$50. And no.

Is this a scam?
Midlife Collage hasn’t asked me to subscribe to any magazines, so I don’t think so.

But have you checked the background of the people at Midlife Collage?
I don’t check the background of anyone who likes me. And, anyway, I have better things to do. Right now, I am researching the fake Starbucks to see if I can wring a post out of it.

The Fake Starbucks?
Yes. My next post will either be about that or about the woman whose boobs light up.