At Thanksgiving, I’m Grateful For Me

Posted on November 22, 2010


Because it didn’t take a lot of loss in Life in the Boomer Lane’s life to make her understand how precious every days is.  And because each birthday is her best gift to herself.

Because LBL is wise enough to know that her children aren’t perfect and wiser still to believe that they really are.

Because LBL is funny.  And, thankfully, funny can be used for a lot more than laughter.

Because as soon as LBL stopped being a victim, she knew what power felt like.

Because LBL can still read the small lines on menus and she can still read between the lines of what people say and do.

Because LBL has learned that the only thing she can ever change in her world is her.  And most of the time, that’s all that is needed to change everything else.