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Guerrilla Aging: My One Night Stand With A Personal Trainer

January 23, 2015


Malia Lindquist, author of Rocky Mountain Miamian, is a blogger, recovering attorney and mom to two semi-adult daughters.  A committed dabbler and traveler, she mostly splits her time between Boulder, Colorado and Miami, Florida, which perfectly reflects the split in her personality. She can be reached                   […]

My Altercation With My Pilates Instructor, two, three, four…

December 17, 2010


It snowed yesterday and the roads were really bad, so Life in the Boomer Lane called the gym this morning to ask if the Pilates class would still be held and was totally bummed that the class was in doubt.  LBL wanted to hear that it was cancelled.  Awhile later, LBL got a call to […]

Body Flow. Not.

July 14, 2010


Twice a week, Life in the Boomer Lane takes a Pilates Reformer class at her gym.  The “Reformer” is a big, lightly padded board on wheels, with levers, pulleys, weights, and other components, all employed without the benefit of a user’s manual.  It was either invented by Mr Pilates, the same person who invented people […]