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The 15 Minute Dog

February 24, 2012


(The following is part of my Friday series, “Old Posts to Dredge out on Slow Weekends Because When I Posted Them Originally People Cared More About the Economy and World Peace Than My Blog.” Although nothing has changed, it’s the start of a slow weekend.) A lot of people, consisting entirely of my daughter and my […]

Cloudy With A Chance of Children

December 11, 2010


Life in the Boomer Lane is getting ready for the kids to descend on the house for the holidays (As she writes this, Jorge/George, the normally tree-climbing lawn guy, is dragging the ladder out of the garage so he can string the interior holiday lights.) Technically, they will be celebrating Chanukah, which will have already been over […]

CSI: Arlington, VA

August 5, 2010


Life in the Boomer Lane sometimes wonders what Miracle the Cat does at night.  LBL knows that she patrols the property and that she (LBL) will very, very occasionally be greeted in the morning by a dead baby mouse on her welcome mat (Now Husband husband shrieks each time that they must immediately get rid […]