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Cats Flying Off the Roof of My Car

December 23, 2011


(The following is the eighth in my new series, “Old Posts to Dredge out on Slow Weekends Because When I Posted Them Originally People Cared More About the Economy and World Peace Than My Blog.” Although nothing has changed, it’s the start of a really slow weekend, blogging-wise.) Miracle is the latest in a long […]

A Cat By Any Other Name

April 7, 2011


Let’s make a few things really clear: Life in the Boomer Lane is not a cat person.  If you go into her house and see a cat (or a cat screaming to get into her house,) it’s because she is cat-sitting.  Her daughter owns the cat, which she named Miracle.  LBL thinks most modern miracles typically involve […]

CSI: Arlington, VA

August 5, 2010


Life in the Boomer Lane sometimes wonders what Miracle the Cat does at night.  LBL knows that she patrols the property and that she (LBL) will very, very occasionally be greeted in the morning by a dead baby mouse on her welcome mat (Now Husband husband shrieks each time that they must immediately get rid […]

Cats Flying Off the Roof of My Car

July 7, 2010


Miracle the Cat is the latest in a long line of cats Life in the Boomer Lane has had that she has really had no part in acquiring.  There’s not one thing she can say about Miracle or about any of my other cats that would be worth reading.  Writers far more clever than she […]

Man vs Cat

May 17, 2010


Now Husband has a long history with pets.  This involves not having had any. Life in the Boomer Lane can totally understand that.  NH grew up in various places where animals were just part of the landscape.  If he felt like interacting with an animal, there were always a lot of goats around.  In addition, […]