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100-YEAR-OLD choc-a-holic Peggy Griffiths from North Devon 12 MAR 2009 See SWNS Story SWCHOCO Chocoholic Peggy Griffiths revealed the secret to her 100-years of good health yesterday eating 70,000 CHOCOLATE BARS in her lifetime. Sweet-toothed Peggy currently munches her way through 30 Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars a week and has enjoyed the treat since she ate her first one as a five-year-old girl. Peggy even owned a sweet shop herself during the 1930s – but it closed down after she ATE all of the profits. Great-grandmother-of-two Peggy has scoffed her way through a calorific 15,600 Dairy Milks since 1999 – and a staggering FOUR TONS of chocolate in her 100-year lifetime.But Peggy never gained any weight – despite each bar packing 215 calories – bringing her lifetime chocolate calorific intake to a mind-boggling 15million (15,093,000)