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The Cooler. The Jacket. The TSA.

September 13, 2013


There is only one way to end a perfect, blissful, stress-free vacation. And that is to create mayhem on the trip back. Logan Airport, Boston: Life in the Boomer Lane arrives via shuttle, after she and Now Husband have returned their rental car. Now Husband has two items, a small carry on and an empty […]

Travelling Light: No Suitcase and At Times, No Plane

September 12, 2012


Actual conversations held between 8/31/12 and 9/10/12 between an unnamed, not- famous-but-should-be blogger (LBL) and various representatives of airlines and airport security: 8/31/12 Frankfort, Germany LBL: Why have we been sitting at the gate for three hours? Lufthansa Rep: We are on strike. LBL: But I flew from DC to Frankfort. LR: We weren’t on strike […]

The Missing Body Parts of Women Over 50

December 30, 2011


(The following is the ninth in my new series, “Old Posts to Dredge out on Slow Weekends Because When I Posted Them Originally People Cared More About the Economy and World Peace Than My Blog.” Although nothing has changed, it’s the start of a really slow weekend, blogging-wise.) My tonsils have been gone since 1954. […]

The Room You Never Want to Go Into

December 5, 2010


   I seriously hate beating dead horses.  And I don’t know why anyone would want to do that anyway, but apparently there must have been a time in the past when people actually did beat dead horses, or the phrase never would have come into existence. Did they do it or fun on the farm? […]

The Lady Gaga Guide to Airport Security

November 12, 2010


I’m about to leave for London.  Again.  Because my three kids all live at a distance (three different distances, to be precise), I now do a fair amount of traveling.  And, because I have enough metal in my body to build a washer/dryer, Airport Security is always a blast (Whoops, wrong choice of words.)  I […]


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