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December 14, 2012

December 15, 2012


Life sometimes provides the best and the worst at exactly the same time.  At this time of the year when children are celebrated even more than usual, 20 sets of parents are experiencing a grief that no parent should experience.  And on this very same day, I watched a video of my first grandchild, now […]

Kickstarter Campaign Just Launched!!!

August 21, 2012


Kickstarter Campaign Just Launched!!!.  A must-see from Myra, whose blog is tragic and hilarious and whose parents are crazier than yours.

Secret Service Agents and the Colombia Prostitution Scandal

April 19, 2012


  “WASHINGTON (AP) — Moving swiftly, the Secret Service forced out three agents Wednesday in a prostitution scandal that has embarrassed President Barack Obama. A senior congressman welcomed the move to hold people responsible for the tawdry episode but warned ‘it’s not over.’” The scandal involved about 10 military service members, as many as 20 […]

The Aging of the High School Reunion

March 10, 2012


Sometimes aging can make us feel like we are naked, smeared with bacon grease and deposited near a den of rabid grizzlies who have just completed a research project involving the effects of a prolonged vegan diet. While it might seem that there is no way out, know this: There is no way out.  OK, […]

Two Ships

February 17, 2012


There are people who write and who write well.  There are people who write, who write well, and who also reach beyond their own words in order to create a sense of community among writers. Deborah Bryan, the author of the blog, The Monster in Your Closet, is such a person.  Deborah has an ongoing series titled “For […]

Take my knee. Please.

December 22, 2011


NBC News yesterday evening came out with a breaking (No pun intended. But I wouldn’t believe that last sentence, if I were you.) story about the upsurge in hip and knee replacements among boomers.  Boomers have long felt that they were only as old as they believed themselves to be. For this reason, they consider […]

Life in the Fear-Free Lane

May 17, 2011


I hadn’t intended to start a blog.  What I had intended to do was to write articles for women over 50, and to use humor to get my point across.  When the opportunity to write for, came up, this gave me a framework within which to write. I wrote my pieces, and after awhile, […]

Trump Charges

April 29, 2011


There are a lot of reasons why I think Donald trump should run for the Republican nomination. I’ll focus on one: He is willing to get to the bottom of things. And he spends a lot of time on the bottom to prove it. In an attempt to get to the truth about what is, according to […]

I’ll Have Two Elf Ears and a Side of Bacon

April 19, 2011


  Thanks to AARP, I have been alerted to a new trend in man’s ongoing quest for perfection: elf ears.  AARP states that “Body modification artists cut the tops of young people’s ears and sew them back together in a pointed shape.”  The  segment is titled, “Ah, Youth!  Sometimes we don’t miss it.”  I don’t […]

A Cat By Any Other Name

April 7, 2011


Let’s make a few things really clear: I’m not a cat person.  If you come into my house and see a cat (or a cat screaming to get into my house,) it’s because I am cat-sitting.  My daughter owns the cat, which she named Miracle.  I think most modern miracles typically involve something that can’t be […]


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