Bucket List in Progress

Get a bucket (Seriously.  I don’t own one.)

Visit South America. Anywhere, plus Brazil. And also Machu Picchu.

See the pyramids in Luxor.

Visit Oregon, Idaho, Colorado.

Sail the San Juan Islands.

Rent a house for a month on Folly Beach, SC.

Go back to Santa Fe.  And Israel. But not in one trip.

Go to Morocco, where Now Husband lived for four years.

Remember, just for one year, to send birthday cards to everyone.

Ride an adult bike with training wheels.  Hopefully, on someone else’s bucket list is the desire to create an adult bike with training wheels.

Walk the 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk again.

Have all my kids and grandchildren in the same place for more than 24 hours.

Go one day without complaining about my hair.

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  1. i have been actually ticking things off my bucket list.
    my list is very long.
    actually, four of your bucket items happen to be also be on my list. must be a boomer thing….. may this new year see some of these things accomplished!

    • I used to spend a lot of time on a “Letter of Committment,” detailing five areas of my life and how I would make each one better. Now, just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.

  2. Great list. Machu Picchu is a definite — someday. I like the last item the best.

    Were you really a hula hoop champion? When were the tryouts? As usual, nobody told me.

  3. Folly Beach is so nice. Well not like somewhere in the Tropics but nice. Then again it doesn’t take much to make me happy when it comes to a beach.

  4. I’m buying my 62- year old super fun mom your book. She lives on Edisto Island, South Carolina. I have a feeling you two would get along great, so maybe I should send you her number and you won’t have to rent… :-)

    • Wow, thanks. Is that near Charleston? Even if it isn’t, send me her contact info.

      • Yep, it’s about 45 minutes south of Charleston (where my brother and his family live), and is probably the least tainted of the SC islands. The French side of our family landed there 15 generations before I came along, and my grandparents built the house she’s in. She’s a writer, too, and loves the funny stuff. I’ll email her info to you.

        • Okay, I cannot figure out how to send you a personal e-mail, and I’d rather not put it out there if possible, but if you have one through this site, please feel free to post it!

  5. I really like this bucket list. I am only 19 but already have so many of the same goals (minus the children/grandchildren one.)

  6. Training wheels for grown-up bikes are, indeed, a thing. And they’re fairly inexpensive. So go forth and ride !

  7. Your cohort in life will happily help you cross any of your items off your bucket list.

    • You aren’t alone, lots of Late Boomers feel just like you do. We’ve had a rocky road for all of our travels and we must not deapsir. We are the most powerful group around today. Let’s do it. If we can only figure out what it is. Hope you write more on this topic!

  8. machu picchu is on the top of my bucket list also.


  9. carolcovin

    April 3, 2012

    You should seriously go to Machu Pichu. It’s awesome. But, even with guys to carry everything but your daypack, I’m not sure I could manage the 3-day hike in. You can take the train and bus.

    I want to see Yellowstone and South Dakota. And, live 3 months every year in a foreign country learning the language.

    If you ever get your family all together again, take pictures. My awesome DIL was smart enough to suggest a four-generation picture when her son was born. It was the last time the four generations were all together.

  10. I love that you were a hula hoop champ! I’m nowhere near that good, but I do travel with a hula hoop for exercise fun. My daughter, who lives in AZ, made it for me and will be giving me more lessons when my husband and I are out to visit her this winter. She teaches hooping-can there be anything more fun? Anyways, my husband and I have been on the road traveling since he retired 3 years ago, calling ourselves Happily Homeless and I always enjoy checking out other people’s blogs who are in our peer group (I’m still a young 54). There is nothing better than being retired except being retired and being on the road, discovering life on the back roads~

    • Thanks for visiting Life in the Boomer Lane Alison and for sharing your story. The years after 50 have such potential. We get to explore, to create, to be the best “us” we can be. And, yes, we get to spin the hoop!

  11. Ooooh, I like this idea….I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to adapt it for my blog…I visited the ruins in Belize and realized me fear of heights nixed my Machu Piccu goal…Oh well. Accept and move on!

  12. What a great list! I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco, as well. I actually just wrote a post about it: http://sophpearl.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/moroccan-stew-for-einstein/

    I love your blog and can’t wait to read more!

  13. I admit to being sixty with dial telephones and so much more we had to change the channels on the television by getting up imagine that today where has the romance and mystic gone in a relationship I SO MISS THE YOUNGER YEARS

  14. What do i miss most growing up in the fifties a real genuine man to share the rest of my life with for however long I am on this earth want to hold cuddle talk hold cuddle kiss and well fill in the blanks want to be in love again be in love hold touch and miss him when he is not with me oh yes to feel that passion again to know we think about each other and can’t wait to come home to each other knowing someone out there shares the passion of being together thank you Denise at naughtydtellsdirtytales.podbean.com

  15. I don’t have a bucket list either but I do have a lot of small lists. I have an ongoing to-do task list; books I want to read list; countries I want to visit list: people I need to call list; things “I will” do this year list :-). I keep meaning to take the how to ride a bike adult class at REI but I never get around to it. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro is on my “I will” do this year list.

    • I know that my last words on earth will probably be, “Wait! There are still books I want to read!” One of my dream is to buy a bike with training wheels and a tiny motor for hills and actually go somewhere, just like real people do. The other is to hire someone to carry me up to to Machu Picchu. I love that you want to climb Kilimanjaro. In my next life….

  16. i have some of the same things on my bucket list as you. i also have done some of the things on your bucket list. i hope you have been able to check a few off since your post…am plowing through mine, adding new stuff and crossing off as i go along. some of the items are very small things that i just hadn’t gotten around to (“visit the local caves”, “eat a dinner at…..”)

  17. I had a bucket list once. But bucket sprang a hole in it. The list leaked out and now I can’t find. When I retire, I do plan on moving to Lichtenstein and learning how to yodel.

  18. Just wrote a blog post on this very thing. I also have an extensive bucket list. I doubt I’ll get to everything on it, but what fun trying!

  19. I would like to build this bike for you, with the training wheels. Not for free of course, well, I would build it for free, but you would have to buy the parts. And, I would make sure it was very functional, maybe even make it so the extending wheels would have an adjustable shock allowing you to lighten their influence as you gain confidence eventually allowing you to rotate them out of the way? And a nice touch would be to add a basket on the front that was made from an actual half-bucket, the kind used in a well also completing another item on your bucket wish list, the desire for an actual bucket? Or perhaps saddle bags made from two halves of the same bucket on the back of the bike? I could build this for you if you’re willing?


  20. Tina, The Bo Bina

    July 19, 2015

    This 55 year old’s version of an adult bike with training wheels is a golf cart…. hehe :D I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    • Thanks, Tina, and welcome to my alternate universe. You make a great point about the golf cart. Can I ride a cart without playing golf or living anywhere near a course?


      • Tina, The Bo Bina

        July 20, 2015

        Thank you! And absolutely about the cart – of course, depending on your neighborhood and how far you have to go to do your daily/weekly shopping, you may have to steer clear of those pesky sedans, mini-vans, trucks and SUV’s… *sigh*

  21. I too am a ‘boomer’ without a bucket… You have inspired me to bucket shop this week-end. :)

  22. A seriously good bucket list – and not too long either! Good luck with ticking things off it! :-) Love your blog.


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